Dragon-Phoenix Consoles
    Next-generation computer systems designed to be highly-and-easily-customizable by people of all ages and skill levels, as well as extremely durable and technologically-advanced.

Dragon-Phoenix O.S
    Next-generation operating systems built atop OpenBSD for security and privacy with added software for customization and ease of use. Also includes programs for tailored for specific groups of people such as artists, scientists, parents, and students.

TriUSB & TriSD
    Next-generation data-storage devices made in the form of the strongest shape, the triangle, designed especially for use with Dragon-Phoenix consoles, with adapters for standard SD/USB compatibility available.

Gem Automobiles
    Fully-and-easily-customizable automobiles based on one of several chassis types depending on the kind of vehicle (car, truck, SUV, etc). As 
    many parts as possible are to be made of hemp-based materials for high strength, low-cost, and environmental-friendliness.

Freedom Houses
    Portable truck-and-rail-mountable housing units designed with durability, affordability, and customization in mind. As 
    many parts as possible are to be made of hemp-based materials

Universal Mind-Body Training System
    A collection of health and fitness products which can be used by themselves or together for training body and mind. Designed to be especially 
    useful for martial artists, but can be used by athletes and non-athletes of all kinds to improve their health and fitness.