Keys to growth, success, and happiness

Slower breathing = better feelings and higher intelligence (at the 15+ sec. inhale: 15+ sec. exhale rate we immediately begin to enter into higher states of consciousness) Slower breathing is a skill and requires training to improve Set goals on paper, review goals daily, and keep track of progress "The only zen you find at the top of the mountain is the zen you bring with you"; basically meaning that happiness is internal experience, so true happiness must be found by improving character rather than seeking anything external Balance and harmony are essential for all great success Everything is relative and changing; the ability to adapt quickly is key All skills can be developed through consistent practice The healthier we eat, and the more we exercise our bodies and minds, the better we feel We grow more quickly from challenge than from comfort There's alot to be learned from video games about life and ways to win Wisdom = winning; the wiser we live and become, the more we win Time and mind are our greatest tools; and the better we use our tools, the better results we produce The quickest way to learn the advanced is be first getting really good at the basics All great and lasting successes are built on strong foundations Goals are the blueprints of our successes, and goals on paper are easier to work with than just thoughts in our head Repetition and variety build skills and intelligence Slow breathing, concentration, and persistent self-discipline are the greatest skills we can develop because with them we can produce great rewards anywhere Progress = winning, and life is more fun the more we win There are natural rules to the game of life, and the better we understand the rules, the easier it is to win A little bit of progress made daily is better than alot of progress made once in a while The more we do anything, the easier it becomes Healthier bodies make for healthier minds and healthier minds create better emotions and experiences Small successes build up to huge confidence and the strong self-belief necessary for incredible success Success is largely about perception, the more we perceive losses as opportunities for learning, the more we win Success come s faster with good planning Making goals is step 1, planning is step 2, action is the key to producing results and reviewing steps 1 and 2 helps There's alot to learn from nature and people Everything is cause and effect; the better we understand the causes, the better effects we can produce Study the best to become the best We all have infinite potential Virtues = wisdom and the more wisely we live the better our lives become Meditation is the greatest way to gain wisdom The key skills of good meditation are slow breathing, concentration, and patience True spirituality is about purifying our bodies and minds and in doing so experiencing more and more beautiful experiences to the point where we are literally experiencing heaven on earth To master our mind is to master reality, for our entire lives are mental experiences Master of a skill means the ability to produce the results we choose and with complete effortlessness Pure body + pure mind = pure divinely spiritual experience

Keys to Health

A pure body is a healthy body, and a healthier body makes for a healthier mind and happier emotions. Fundamental Keys to a Pure Body: -Light: Get plenty of direct sunlight (no sunscreen, use coconut oil if anything) and practice sun gazing at early sunrise and late sunset (research details first). -Air: Breath slower and deeper. Breath rates of slower than 15+ seconds per inhale and 15+ seconds per exhale are ideal and produce immediate rewards. -Water: Drink plenty of pure, non-fluoridated, water. Distilled water is ideal and at least one gallon a day is best, drinking more on workout days. -Nutrition: Eat vegan foods consisting of a variety of fresh raw/unheated fruits, veggies, and green plants (which are loaded with chlorophyll, one of the best super foods on earth). If cost is a concern, one person can easily live on $10 of food a day by eating a large breakfast consisting of brown rice or oatmeal (+ spices), a full bag of fresh spinach, and a few pieces of fruit. Exercise body and mind with moderate-to-high intensity daily. Practice daily meditation, especially slow breath, heart, third eye, and standing/moving forms of meditation (such as tai chi, qi gong, and yoga). Replace synthetic “health and beauty” products with better, natural, alternatives, such as oil pulling for whiter teeth instead of fluoride-laced whitening strips and mouth wash, colloidal silver instead of toxic flu “medicine”, or pure cannabis oil instead of pharmaceutical poisons labels as medicine while only suppressing symptoms and causing further long-term health issues Practice back rolling to relieve back pain or tension. A 2” PVC or steel pipe from any hardware store will do. Just lay the pipe on the floor, and use your hands/arms to roll yourself up and down along the whole length of your spine. Works best shirtless to prevent clothes from scrunching up under pipe, and works better than a chiropractor in most cases. Just as with a chiropractor, back rolling may be somewhat painful at first, but after a few minutes or daily sessions the pain will be replaced with feelings of pleasure and relaxation. (Also helps after workouts involving heavy dead lifts and other back exercises). Hot-cold showers consisting of several hot-cold cycles. Increase/decrease the temperatures as body becomes adapted to the increased temperature extremes. Cannabis oil (or hemp oil, where cannabis oil is illegal) for all sorts of health benefits. High dose vitamin C via I.V for super-boosted immunity and rapid healing from even the most chronic of diseases. Stand and move more, sit and stagnate less. Eat foods that are 100% free of GMOs (especially corn/soy products), artificial sugars, and excitotoxins (such as MSG or aspartame, which gets labeled by many names to deceive consumers). Count fresh fruits, veggies, and green plants, not calories.

Keys to Wealth

Build skills to become more economically valuable, and use skills to produce/provide products/services to achieve financial freedom Earn and save more than you spend Invest in self, not stocks Invest in physical gold and silver, because all paper currencies are manipulated by international bankers headed by the Rothschild dynasty, and invest in firearms, ammunition, and training because the government and military can't be relied on to protect you or your property from thieves or violent predators, especially since the same police most people rely on to protect them would rather write tickets for non-violent offenses than investigate the lists and lists of unsolved rapes, murders, and kidnappings. Study the past to understand better ways to prepare for the future Read more educational books, watch less entertainment Work hard to make the most of your current available resources, especially the two most valuable resources we all have access to: time and mind Set goals on paper, make a list of things to do for achieving said goals, then follow the plan until successful, adjusting the plan as necessary while keeping the goals the same until success Study the people at the top and how they achieved success, rather than wasting energy on following the lives of unsuccessful people or celebrities who are only put on TV to distract us from real events and investigating the truth Watch Eric Dubay's youtube video “How to quite your slave job”

Keys to Happiness

Breathe slower than 15+ seconds per inhale and 15+ seconds per exhale (30+ seconds per breath cycle) Do things which relax the body and calm the mind, such as meditation, stretches, yoga, tai chi, reflexology, massages, eating fresh fruits and veggies, etc Live a vegan lifestyle Write goals on paper, work daily at achieving them, and track all progress also on paper Live more wisely/virtuously and reduce foolishness/vices Choose to believe in and act on love rather than fear Develop better, more positive and productive, habits through frequent repetition Follow your own dreams and passions, rather than relying on anyone else's opinion of what you should do, regardless of their perceived authority, intelligence, or intentions, because anyone telling you the best way for you to live your life usually either has no idea what they're talking about or they just want to manipulate you for their own benefit Find ways to motivate and educate yourself for free, then invest lots of time and energy in doing so Develop self-discipline, concentration, and perseverance Focus on positives and achieving your goals

Keys to Success

Set goals on paper and review multiple times daily Keep a notebook for writing down ideas. Carry it everywhere. Pay attention to what your thoughts and actions produce, then plant more rewarding seeds while reducing negative ones. Keep track of daily, weekly, monthly, etc actions and progress Study the successes and setbacks of others Harmonize your thoughts and actions to align with your goals. 3 steps forward is better than 2 steps forward and 1 step back Ask better questions to find better answers Information and plans are like treasure maps, they can only help us if we actually put in the time and energy to follow them until we get the treasure Calmness and willpower are the keys to quickly manifesting our thoughts into reality Practice spoken/screaming affirmations and visualization every morning, night, and throughout the day (use the positive and present-tense versions rather than negative or future-tense versions; i.e. “I am enjoying great happiness”, not “I am not sad” or “I will become wealthy”) Make the best and most you can of what you have and keep repeating the process the more you get