Magnum Training Centers
    Public facilities to provide free mind-body training resources and low-cost housing to residents of the respective countries in which the 
    training centers are located. 

Survive & Thrive Kits
    Dual hiking backpack/duffel bags filled with supplies deemed useful in pre- or post-collapse scenarios with the intention of helping prepare 
    as many people world-wide as much as possible because current governments have proven to be inept and/or corrupt to the point where people 
    must take preparation and safety measures upon themselves if they hope to have any good chance at living long and enjoyable lives.

Paradise Cities
    Next-generation cities buit with freedom, durability, and technological-harmonization-with-nature in mind. As much infrastructure as possible 
    is to be made of hemp-based or other environmentally-friendly materials.

Research Facilities		
    Public facilities available to residents of the respective countries in which the facilities are located and built for the purpose of 
    providing residents with lots of space and resources to help drive scientific discoveries and technological innovations across nations world-