Elite MMA Training Program

***Meditation*** -Slow breathing with focus on heart (breathe slower than 20 seconds inhale, 20 s. exhale; the slower the better) *Slower breathing means greater oxygen intake and absorption, heart focus improves oxygen circulation -Standing with weights + visualization *Stand on one or both legs with eyes closed and weights on hands/wrists, visualize success and self as grandmaster martial artist -Yogic stretches (preferably sun and moon salutations or custom sequence, do in hot or cold temperatures for added intensity) -Power breathing (intense breathing through the nose, filling and emptying the lungs of oxygen entirely, do with weights on stomach for added intensity) *A Chinese "master" once said combining standing meditation with regular martial arts training can get you to a 3 year level in 1 year and a 10 year level in 3 years ***Martial Arts/Workout*** Sparring pre-, mid-, and post-workout, with optional handicaps (such as one arm) *Do throughout workout to training during varying energy/fatigue levels and also to increase learning/internalization speed -Isometric (and dynamic) bench presses and T-Bar presses with varying heights (Bruce Lee suggests maximal exertion for 15 seconds at a time, anaerobically; I prefer maximal exertion until muscle exhaustion, aerobically) -Dynamic and isometric military presses and handstand pushups (power rack pull up bar or monkey bars work well for isometrics) -Weighted horse stance/wall sits/lunge holds until muscle burn & body collapse (leg workouts boost testosterone more than upper body exercises do) -Farmer walks and isometric upward pulls -Isometric exercises after every set and at end of every workout (Bruce Lee suggested only post workout) -Strength foundation: Upper: Push ups/Pull ups/Dips; Lower: Squats/Lunges/Calf Raises; Abs: Dragon Flags; Back: Good Mornings/Dead Lifts -8 + 2 directional footwork/dodging (8 horizontal directions, duck, rise) -Train 7 days a week, 3 days primarily upper body, 3 days lower body, 1 day stamina-based -Pick a few key exercises/movements and repeat until effortless internalization and execution ("I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 times, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times" - Bruce Lee) ***Study/Nutrition*** -Study upcoming opponent + best of the best at their best -Eat raw vegan diet (fruits, veggies, green plants, all unheated) -Hemp protein powder and lots of other all-natural supplements -Oil pulling 3x a day for detoxification (I prefer hemp or coconut oil) -Lots of direct sunlight (no sunscreen) for vitamin D -High dose (Kg range) vitamin C via IV (intravenous drips because otherwise dose is too large to use in pill form) -Sun gazing early sun rise and late sunset (research proper method first) -Lots of fresh organic fruit and veggie juices -Lots of oatmeal and brown rice (add pink salt to oatmeal for taste and nutrition, and cinnamon to either to boost alkalinity) -Read books for mental health (read standing up for added mind/body health) ***Rest & Recovery*** -Roll back on 2" PVC/steel pipe while laying on solid ground, use arms to move pipe forwards and backwards over spine (back rolling is amazingly good for spinal health and the spinal region is the body's nerve center) -Listen to theta/delta wave binaural beats during sleep, overlay with custom-recorded affirmations (in positive-language, present-tense) for boosted results -Electro and massage therapy (Fedor also liked being hit with leafy branches in a sauna/steam room as per Russian tradition) -Visualize success and hold replica belt/trophy/etc for 20 minute at wake up at right before bed -Hot/cold showers (for hot, go feet to head, for cold, go head to feet) -Drink lots of distilled water, eat lots of green plants like spinach and broccoli (chlorella/spirulina are also incredibly healthy) -Get plenty of direct sunlight (no sunscreen) -Lots of hemp supplements (protein powder, oil, seeds, etc) -High quality calcium and magnesium supplements, taken together -Meditation at wake up, right before bed, and pre-/post-training -Sleep on solid floor (do back rolls or feet-overhead laying yoga stretches if needed) -Sleep on back with neck roll (such as towel) and head rest -Eat 1-3 grams of 99.9% pure THC cannabis oil right before bed (eat, don't smoke) -Don't decrease training, increase recovery speed; over-training > undertraining 2/4/17 Spirituality is not about religion. Spiritual growth is about living more wisely and purifying our temples by increasing our virtuous behaviors while reducing vices. Many religions teach many god things, and some of those same religions also teach many bad things, but regardless of what god or gods we choose to believe in or worship, the key to uplifting our states of consciousness and experiencing increased spiritual connection with the divine is doing things which purify our bodies and minds while simultaneously cleansing ourselves of toxic substances and wicked thoughts. Heavenly experiences and divine abilities on earth can be ours and the opportunity is available to everyone regardless of religion, race, sex, or age. The only thing which ultimately determines our level of consciousness is the degree to which we have purified our temple because our temples are places of sacred connection and the cleaner our temple is the more clear our spiritual connection is. Many things can be done to purify ourselves, as there are many ways to live wisely (virtuously), but some things produce better results more quickly than others. Practicing early-morning and late-evening sun gazing (light), breathing more slowly and deeply (air), drinking plenty of pure water, and switching from a diet containing any meat, dairy, processed sugars, or otherwise artificial products to one consisting entirely of fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables, are some of the absolute best ways to purify our temples and hence increase our spiritual connection with the true divine. There are many other ways to purify ourselves. Some good ones include moderate-to-intense daily mental and physical exercise, practicing various forms of meditation, and using our skills, time, and other resources to help others, but the four things listed above are the core factors in determining our physical purity, which directly affects our mental states and thoughts, and the healthier our mind-body connection is the higher our state of spiritual consciousness becomes. While it may require hard work to purify ourselves, mostly due to the challenge of breaking negative habits, the rewards of doing includes a whole list of truly miraculous blessings. Our health improves to the point where sickness and disease becomes a physical impossibility because of the of strength of our immune system as well as the healthiness and alkalinity of our internal environment. Our emotions become uplifted to perpetual states of sheer blissful peace, completely void of depression, anger, anxiety, or any other negative feelings. Our energy levels skyrocket and we can easily do long hours of hard work with barely any effort and lots of enjoyment. Our social relationships improve because we are sharing and radiating positive energy with every interaction and everywhere we go. Our intelligence grows because our brain becomes ride of toxic chemicals and our mind can more easily focus with less negative thoughts distracting us or stressing us out. We become more relaxed to the point where our bodies and minds are so free of tensions that we become as divine water flowing on heavenly clouds of light. The purification process is a process, and one that can definitely involve lots of hard work, but with enough time and energy directed towards eliminating vices and increasing virtuous behaviors, we can truly experience heaven on earth by completely purify our sacred temple, our connection with heavenly divinity.