CD 1: Pure Success
Concept: Combining educational affirmations-based lyrics with music for internalizing positive thinking more quickly than with just standard affirmations
CD 2: Welcome to the Rabbit Hole
Concept: An introduction to reality and how the world really operates in ways contrary to what we have been taught.
CD 3: Songs for True Revolution	
Concept: Builds upon "Welcome to the Rabbit Hole" by focusing more on solutions for ways to improve civilizations world-wide.

CD 1, Track 1
Opening our eyes 
Towards heaven we fly 
Connected with universal consciousness, so sublime 
Waking up we rise with hyper-intelligent minds 
Forever together in this inter-dimensional place 
We gain true understanding and transcendence of time and space 
With infinite beauty and grace we surely win this race 
With every breath our powers grow 
True divinity, such epic love and strength so bold 
With every thought and action our dreams into realities we mold 
Living with great wisdom and virtue we find treasures in the words the ancient sages told

Into the morning sun we gaze 
As our pineal glands purify we truly see the beauty of heavenly ways 
Such infinite beauty, with blissful smiles we stand amazed 
With divine energies flowing harmoniously we realize all will be okay 
Confidently we live our lives knowing heaven is our home for eternal days

With yogic meditation we experience true elation 
Standing tall we look towards the heavens with pure joy on our faces 
Happily we sing the most beautiful of praises 
The more we live as true peacemakers the more we experience infinite blessing which continually amazes
Bodies, minds, and spirits awakened 
The most beautifully elegant dances we partake in 
In tune with divinity now the most incredible of works we're makin'